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7 Packaging Design Trends You Should Know for 2014

7 Packaging Design Trends You Should Know for 2014

By: Amy Finn

1.       Environmentally Friendly

The green movement is continuing to gather strength, and environmentally friendly packages are a great way to make inroads with concerned customers. As a result, many businesses are looking toward investing in packages that are environmentally friendly either because they are biodegradable or made from recycled products. It makes for a great selling point and reduces consumer guilt about buying products in packages

2.       Multi Use

Sometimes people buy products just as much for the bonuses as they do for the actual product. Packages that serve multiple uses are going to be even more popular in 2014. Even if the packaging itself isn’t environmentally friendly, a product that has a package with multiple uses will still be seen as superior to one that only contains the product. The packaging design needs to make the multiple uses clear, though, or else this trend won’t succeed.

3.       Functional Forms

In line with the environmentally friendly and multi-use trend is the functional form. Functionality goes beyond multiple uses, though. It’s about packages that help solve problems for the seller as well as the consumer. Packages that are easier to stack, that can be interlocked, or that provide greater storage capacity are likely to increase in popularity as well. This, in turn, makes it easier for customers to stock up on the products. They can make the most of their own limited space while still getting as much as they need or want.

4.       Mascot Incorporation

When it comes to cartoon characters, creative packaging can turn a boring product package into an exciting must-have option. McDonald’s realized this long ago with their Happy Meals designed to look like little houses, complete with cutout doors for the Cabbage Patch dolls. But for quite some time, those creative packaging options relied primarily on simple box shaped designs.

With breakthroughs in the printing industry including 3D printing, such limitations won’t be as big of an issue in 2014. This means that businesses that want to explore more creative options for mascot incorporation will be able to do it.

5.        Product Variation

According to Packaging Trends: Key Macro Trends Affecting Packaging Design, one of the bigger changes that is likely to develop is technology that causes the product to change if it spoils or passes its expiration date. This may not be critical for many non-perishable product developers, but food, drink, and other perishable products will benefit significantly from this trend. It’s not clear yet how these packages will work, but they’re generating a lot of excitement, particularly since they will increase consumer awareness and reduce the risk of selling contaminated or expired products.

6.       The Matte Finish

From Glamour magazine to the pamphlet “Projected Business Trends in Indiana for 2014,” the matte finish looks to be one of the more common design elements in packaging. It isn’t as sleek or as stylish as a polished finish, but it isn’t tacky either. Visually, it stands out. Bright colors can be used, but they aren’t as overpowering because the matte subdues them.

7.       Minimalist Design

The minimalist design movement has made some of the biggest waves in the web design community, particularly on mobile websites and iOS platforms. Simple black-and-white photography and flatted UIs have created a whole new palette. For businesses with products to sell from their websites, matching the packaging design with the web design can be a great step. An added benefit is that the minimalist design tends to be less expensive to print, which also makes it popular.

Packaging isn’t going to go away any time soon, but it is going to keep developing. 2014 looks to be an exciting time with new trends. Packages that are environmentally friendly while also having multiple uses will likely develop. The functional form that benefits the seller as much as the consumer will also probably make its showing and increase in popularity, particularly as it resolves common problems for shop owners. Of course, packaging trends for 2014 will also extend to safety measures along with product variation changes to indicate expiration or tampering. And design changes will likely move toward the matte finish as well as the minimalist design. Look for packaging to be more exciting than ever.