With S&S you get a lot more than a good product at a good price. We offer many value added programs that set us apart from our competition.

TPP – Total Partnership Program

  • Profit Enhancement - We will analyze your business and find ways to improve your bottom line. It might be a new way to package or ship your product or a better method of procuring supplies.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory – with more companies employing fewer people, let us assume the task of managing your inventory. We have the tools and technology to make sure you get what you need when you need it.
  • “Hold For Customer Release” – One of the benefits of partnering with S&S is to have us hold inventory on our floor for release when you need it. It can be custom film or just a stock item that you can’t be without. Our HCR Program lets you manage your inventory and cash flow more efficiently.
  • Packaging Design Services – When it’s time to design packaging for a new product or redesign outdated packaging, S&S can recommend the most cost effective method. Since we can use any medium available, we will design the right concept at the right price. We might suggest replacing corrugated with film, clamshells with skin film, kraft paper with air pillows. Many of our competitors have only one solution so when their only tool is a hammer all the problems look like nails. Our tool box is quite large allowing us to find the solution that best fits your needs.
  • Service Programs – S&S employs a full time service technician that can fix virtually any type of packaging equipment. We also provide:
    • Preventative Maintenance Contracts – fix problems before they shut down production.
    • Free or reduced service rates with consumable contracts. Eliminate service costs that eat into your profits.
    • Same Day Service available to our partners.